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                                                                        Peer review process of IASR Journals


The manuscripts submitted to IASR Publication will be reviewed for possible publication on the understanding that they have been submitted only to ‘IASR’ and have not been published, simultaneously submitted, or accepted before for publication elsewhere.


Once a manuscript is submitted to IASR, it is forwarded to journal-specific chief editors. The paper is first subjected to anti-plagiarism check. If the paper is found to be plagiarized, it is rejected and immediate communication made to the author to revise or resubmit or make other decisions. If it is plagiarism free, the editor deletes the authors’ details, codes it and sends the coded manuscript to three reviewers of the Particular Subject. Once the reviewers are through, they send back the manuscript to the editor with comments and the author is given a chance to make corrections as per the reviewers’ directions. After revision, the authors return the revised manuscript to the editor who forwards them again to the first reviewers and the process begins again.


Once the article is corrected and approved by a reviewer and editorial team for publication, it is published in specific journal.


The peer-review process is double blinded, i.e., the reviewers do not know who the authors of the manuscript are and the authors do not have access to the information of who the peer-reviewers are.


As in the fast track process, we hired special reviewers. Once the article submission is done, we will check its plagiarism and forwarded to the Reviewer for urgent review and then send to the editor for final verification.


Note: that papers can be rejected at any stage should the author fail to make corrections as guided.

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