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Survey of Erosion, Caries, and Rampant Caries Prevalence among Kindergartens’ Children In the Southern Iraqi City of Nasiriya
Ghazwan Hasan Jasim, Muaziz Abdulkaleq Maleh
DOI : 10.5281/zenodo.10617153

Abstract ± Objectives: The ideal of this study was to determine the frequency of dental corrosion in preschool children in Nasiriya, south of Iraq and to relate this to caries and rampant caries in the same children. Styles A sample of 823 children (2 ± 5 years) was drawn from 20 kindergartens. Clinical examinations were carried out under standardized conditions by a trained and calibrated monitor. Dimension of corrosion was concerned to primary maxillary incisors and used a scoring system and criteria grounded on those used in the UK National Survey of Child Dental Health. Caries was diagnosed using BASCD criteria. Rampant caries was detected as caries affecting the smooth crown of teeth of two or further maxillary incisors. Results Of the 823children, 239 (29) had substantiation of corrosion. For 163 children this was concerned to enamel but for 117 it involved dentine and/ or pulp. Caries was diagnosed in 585 (71%) of the children and rampant caries in 256 (31%). The mean dmft for the 823 children was 4.1 (”4.12). Of the 292 children who had caries but not rampant caries, 97 (33%) had erosion, a significantly higher proportion than the 64 (21%) out of 302 who were clinically caries free (SND‰ 2 .72, P_0.01). Of the 256 with rampant caries, 62 (24%) also had evidence of erosion. Conclusions: The level of erosion was like that seen in children of an equivalent age in the UK. Caries was a risk factor for erosion in this group of children

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