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Microbiological identification of Pantoea spp. bacteria from pet food products
Dhulfiqar Abbas Aswad, Sabaa Hilal Hadi

Humans, especially children, are in constant contact with pets and therefore with everything related to them, such as food, so we took 60 samples of cooked and dried pet food for laboratory examination and to investigate whether it contains pathogenic bacteria for humans. The samples were taken from the Companies (Jungle, Hellaw, Pado, Vitus, LoLo, Paw, Pedigree, Dr. Clauders) in Iraq. The results revealed that the isolated Pantoea spp. exhibited characteristic features on the different media. On XLD Agar, the colonies appeared yellow; on MacConkey Agar, the colonies were pink, and on Blood Agar, they exhibited beta-hemolysis. Microscopically, the bacteria appeared as short, Gram-negative, rod-shaped cells arranged singly, The study also examined the growth of samples on different culture media, with 100% growth observed on Blood Agar, 28.3% on MacConkey Agar, 30.0% on XLD Agar, and 20.0% on a mixed media of MacConkey and XLD Agar. The Vitek2 system was used for the conclusive identification of 60 isolates of Pantoea spp., with accuracy ranging from 95% to 99%. The total count determination showed bacterial loads ranging from 9.2 x 106 to 2.7 x 107 log CFU per milliliter in pet nutrient products.

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