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Clinical and epidemiological study of bacterial species that cause diarrhea isolated from children under five years of age and their sensitivity to antibiotics
Mohammed S. Baqer
DOI : 10.5281/zenodo.10020743

Diarrhea is a serious and widespread disease, especially in developing countries. The study included the collection of (265) fecal samples from children with diarrhea attending the Child’s Central Teaching Hospital in Baghdad for the period from January to September 2022, whose ages ranged from less than five years, where males constituted 63% and females 37%.The results of bacterial growth showed that (198) stool samples, with a rate of (74.7%), were positive, while the number of samples did not show results was (70) with a rate of(25.3%). The isolates were subjected to standard bacteriological and biochemical tests. Among the bacterial pathogens that appeared at a high rate were E.coli 52%, followed by Salmonellaspp 17%, Shigellaspp10%,Proteusmirabilis 7%, Kilbsiellapneumoniae 6%,Compylobacterjejuni 4 %,Pseudomonas aeruginosa2.5% andStaphlococcusaureus1.5%. Some of the factors affecting the prevalence of diarrhea in children were studied, such as age, sex, and monthly infections. The highest infection rate appeared in the first age group, less than one year old, with the highest infection rate 62%,while the lowest percentage was in the age of 4 - 5 years which is 3.5%.As for the monthly infections, they reached their peak in August, with a rate of 19%. The sensitivity of bacterial isolates towards antibiotics was tested, all isolates showed high resistance to Ampicillin 100%, while most of the isolates showed high sensitivity to chloramphenicol, Erythromycinand Co-trimoxazol.

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